Pure loving H2O

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Pure loving H2O

So excited about our new Zazen water filter from The Health Nut! Miss Poppy is pretty excited too (or maybe it’s because of those organic blackberries ).

I’ve been pondering about getting a water filter for awhile now, but wasn’t sure what sort to get…until I met Zazen! Not only does it filter out the flouride, heavy metals and harmful bacteria from tap water (all very poisonous to our body!), but it also contains these amazing and very zen mineral stones and alkalining beads (you may be able to see them at the bottom of the tank), which project electrolyte and alkaline minerals into the water. This water system increases the bioavailability of water which is key to hydrating at a cellular level, restores the pH balance to the body, and allows the absorption of nutrients into cells. You can learn more about the Zazen water system here.

This is super important to me, and for the health of my family, as the tap water we were drinking was pretty toxic (even Tassie tap water!). I actually did some functional neuro testing with Naturopath Nelly (from The Health Nut) which revealed that there were two heavy metals in my body that were causing an allergic reaction. I did some research online, to find out that the heavy metals were commonly found in water sources and in seafood. That was a good kick up the bum for me to invest in a high-quality water filter.

It might seem overwhelming all these changes we need to make for better health and wellness, but it’s all about little steps, and making changes incrementally when you’re ready. It’s taken me two years to get a water filter (I’ve been ‘thinking’ about it that whole time), and now I’ve done it I can work on my next step for change…

Mmmm…all this writing is making my cells thirsty. I think I might go have myself a drink of Zazen’s loving water


p.s. Who wants one at Move Strong?!

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