Individualised Programme

Individualised Programme

Want an Individualised Programme?

At Move Strong, we use the most current research in strength and conditioning to ensure that our programmes get you REAL results. We will work with you to ensure that your training programme is specific to your needs and your goals. While our Group Training program suits the majority of our students in regards to increasing general strength, fitness and mobility, there are those who might need something a bit extra – or something different entirely. Are you one of these select few? You may need an Individualised Programme if:

  • You are an elite athlete (or an elite-athlete-in-the-making!) and need an Individualised Programme to excel in your given sport, be that to compete in the CrossFit Open or the Regionals, RKC, a Powerlifting, Weightlifting or Strongman competition, or in an endurance sport such as cycling or rowing, or a team sport such as AFL, soccer or basketball.
  • You are injured or prone to pain, and need an Individualised Rehab Programme. While we can scale and substitute exercises for you during Group Training to protect your body, you may benefit more from an entirely different rehab training programme.
  • You are an Open Gym member and want an Individualised Programme  to complete while at the gym. Don’t settle for hodge-podge guess-work efforts at the gym, and don’t settle for some strength programme you found on the internet that wasn’t designed for your specific needs!
  • You are not a Move Strong member, but would like an Individualised Program to complete at your home gym or at another gym. We will take into account the equipment you have at hand when designing your programme.
  • You are a Group Training member and want an additional strength or conditioning Individualised Programme, or a mobility programme, to complete during Open Gym that coincides with the Group Training programme.

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The initial cost for an Individualised Programme is $310. You will first meet with our Head Coach to discuss your goals and get assessed on your movement and fitness. From there we will design a programme specific to your needs. Then, one of our expert coaches will give you some Private Coaching to take you through the different sections of your programme to ensure you will be capable of completing the programme on your own (alternatively you can set up regular Private Coaching sessions to complete your programme exclusively with a coach). So, the initial cost of $310 includes:

  • Initial Consultation to discuss your goals
  • Functional Movement Screening to assess any pain, injuries or dysfunctions
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Individualised Programme design
  • Corrective exercise movement preparation session
  • Strength Training session
  • Conditioning Training Session
  • Recovery session

After the initial Individualised Programme sessions, you then have the choice of completing your programme on your own at Move Strong during Open Gym or outside of Move Strong. Alternatively you can set up regular Private Coaching sessions to complete your programme exclusively with one of our expert Move Strong coaches. Or, you could do a combination of  the two (i.e. do one or two sessions with a coach a week, and complete the rest of the programme on your own. This way, private coaching can help you stay motivated and on track, and ensure good form and technique, while also giving you the autonomy and independence of working on your own). You may also be eligible to complete your Individualised Programme during Group Training, which will mean you will do your own programme alongside those doing the Group Training programme, with all the benefits of having a coach on hand to help you with form, technique and any questions you might have. This MUST be approved by our Head Coach. Feel free to Contact us for more info. If you would like to discuss getting an Individualised Programme with our Head Coach, book in for a FREE Initial Consultation today!