‘Young Gun’ Youth Classes

‘Young Gun’ Youth Classes

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Our ‘Young Gun’ Youth Classes find your child’s true strength…We don’t just teach them skills and put them through fitness drills. We carve their characters, increase their self-confidence, and teach them to be well-rounded human beings with a hard-work ethic!

Our specialised strength and conditioning classes for YOUTH ages 10 – 15 years aim to teach constantly varied, functional movements in a group setting, while also preparing your youth to become well-rounded athletes. Best of all, our Move Strong Youth classes are FUN, involving engaging and youth friendly work-outs that will help them build self-confidence, as well as a love for strength and fitness. We’re confident that your youth will love our Move Strong Youth classes – so get them involved today!

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**Please note: there are no Youth classes during the school holidays.



Our Move Strong Youth classes run each School Term for 10-weeks. Classes are held at the following times:

Tuesdays, 1600 – Youth Classes for 10 – 15 year olds

Thursdays, 1600 – Youth Classes for 10 – 15 year olds

All sessions are 45min. Cost is $180 for the term – come to as many classes as you like!

Contact us to secure a spot for your kid today! Spaces are limited, so act fast.

Bookings are essential.



Our Youth strength and conditioning classes revolve around moving the body – and having FUN! We teach them how to move correctly (in terms of squatting, running, pushups, hanging, handstands, etc), while always making the movements and mini-workouts fun (either through games or friendly competitions). We really believe in teaching teens (and adults!) correct movements – and also learning to enjoy moving – as this will mean that they stay active as they get older, and will also reduce the risk of injury in sports and general living. We base our classes on CrossFit methodologies, which focus on constantly varied, functional movements. We’ll teach them functional movements (how to squat, push, press, pull) using their body weight – and, if they are strong enough and coordinated enough, using dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells (depending on their ability). We also use elements of gymnastics in the class, such as teaching them how to do handstand wall-walks, hanging on rings, climbing ropes. The classes are hard-work, but always a lot of fun. It is amazing how much our youth improve during the term, not only

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Coach BigDog’s Blog – Movement is like lego

Great session the other day with my tribe of Move Strong youth! These guys (the little ones and the big ones) have a special place in my heart. They’re so full of enthusiasm and energy, and they TRY so hard – but sometimes trying gets too hard and they need a BigDog pep-talk :)

Yesterday, we worked on wall-walks, and some kids were finding it frustrating because “it was too hard”, because “I’m not good enough,” because “I can’t do that!” I brought them in and we had a really good chat about achieving – when we want to achieve something, we need to work hard at it, we need to practice, we need to break the movement down into its little bits, scale it, make it more achievable, and work upwards from there.

I told them walk-walks (and any movement – and anything in life, really!) is like lego. A lego castle, for example, doesn’t just magically appear from a box. You have to connect all the little pieces together to make the whole. It takes time. It can be challenging, frustrating. But take the time to put each piece of lego together and in time you’ll have built a big and perfect castle of lego. Same with wall-walks and other skills we do at Move Strong – take the time to practice each component of the movement. Perfect each little piece. And then in time, you’ll be ready to put all the pieces together, perfectly and whole.

I believe all our Move Strong youth – all youth! – are inherently amazing. They can really achieve ANYTHING that they put their mind to. Some of them doubt this amazingness. It’s up to us – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, coaches, teachers, mentors – to blow away the shadow of their doubt, to let them bloom and grow in a nurturing environment of amazingness.

I love seeing the kids in our Move Strong Youth classes perform skills and working on their weaknesses, they are getting stronger, fitter, healthier and more confident about life general. What I love most, is when I see a child who is apprehensive, doubtful and down, suddenly brighten when they suddenly perform a skill correctly. When they suddenly realise with shining clarity that they CAN do it, that they can be – that they are – amazing.

If you have a child who is in need of more confidence – be it in their physical abilities, or emotionally – enroll them into our Move Strong Youth classes. Our classes are more than just strength and conditioning classes, they are self-esteem building, life-building.”

– Coach BigDog

What our mini-strong-movers’ parents have to say about Move Strong Kids & Youth:

“I am so proud of how much Dane’s confidence has improved this year and I am so grateful to Chris at Move Strong for being so fantastic with him…In term 1 Dane’s teacher and I set a goal of having Dane to the stage where he is confident enough to lead his school class for a gym workout. At the time I thought that this would be almost impossible. Having the opportunity for him to now participate in a kids class with you will be a great step towards achieving this goal. Also in the future I would love to maybe see him do some weight lifting. Thanks so much!” – Selina Stredwick, mother of Move Strong Kids member

Thank you Chris and Filipa at Move Strong! With youth obesity at the rate it is, it’s fantastic you are helping combat the problem in a fun and supportive environment.” – Sharni McConnell,  mother and Move Strong member