Strongman Tasmania

Strongman Tasmania


Move Strong Gymnasium is the North-Tas affiliate of the Strongman Tasmania Association. Our gym is fully equipped with the latest Strongman man equipment, from atlas stones, to logs, to car deadlift racks, kegs, yokes, tyres and much more!

We can design a Strongman Programme for you to help you prepare for upcoming Strongman competitions.

We also offer a Strongman Class on Saturdays at 9am which are designed to increase your brute strength and power, as well as develop Strongman skills and techniques. Males and females are both welcome! We also cater to all strength and ability levels, so don’t be afraid to try our Strongman Class if you feel you’re ‘not-quite-strong-enough’ or if you’ve never done this style of training before.


Strongman Tasmania Association

Strongman Tasmania promote competitions and support the growth of strongman in Tasmania, from grassroots to elite. The Strongman Tasmania Association is brought to you by MoveStrong Gymnasium (North) and CrossFit Resonate (South). If you haven’t started training, visit one of us and get your Strongman on!

At Strongman Tasmania, we see it our job to bring strongman events to the masses. We love promoting the sport of strongman from grass roots to elite, all around Tasmania. Our goal is to bring the public more access to Strongman events and gyms all around the state. We have worked hard to bring you the first ever statewide series. We currently do these competitions because the public deserves access. All the funds raised via entries go back towards running our events. The time taken to run these events, the equipment used is all donated from our founding gym’s.

Got a comp coming up you want help from us to promote? Let us know, we would love to help! Got a cool gym somewhere in Tasmania you want to do a promo on? Send us the info and we’d love to help promote you!