WOD – Monday – 080914

Well done this past week to all CrossFit Devonport peeps. There were a lot of PR’s set and everybody looked a lot better in movement and skill. Here’s a PR for Daniel Beamish who pulled 200kg. Now, to continue the hard work and move forwards with the next phase of[…]

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WOD – Tuesday – 190814

WOD A. E4min x 4rds: – Back Squat x 4-6reps @ 20X1 tempo – 1arm Upright row x 5-7reps/arm @ 3010 tempo B. 5RFT: – Ring Rows w/ feet elevated x 10 – AssBike x 90sec @ 90% – Rest 1:45min C. For Time:  – Row x 1000m Tuesday’s results:[…]

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WOD – Monday – 040814

It was awesome seeing you all this week! Bonus points were flying around like crazy ad there is a great vibe going around the gym. I’ve got a few announcements. Bonus Points Up For Grabs This Week Wig Wednesday – Wear a wig when you come to training this Wednesday and[…]

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WOD – Tuesday – 150714

MSG WOD A. E4M x 4rds: – Back Squat x 4-6reps @ 30X1 tempo – DB/KB 1-arm Upright Row x 8-10reps @ 3010 tempo B. For Time: – Wall Balls x 75 – Butterfly Situps x 50 – Box Jump w/ Step Down x 25 Cutoff = 12mins * Be[…]

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WOD – Monday – 070714

MSG WOD A. E4MOM x 5rds: – Back Squat x 2-3 @ 40X1 tempo @ heavier than 300614 – DB Powell Raise x 6-8 @ 3010 tempo @ heavier than 300614 B. 3-5RFT: – Run x 200m – 1KB Overhead Squat x 8/arm – Burpees x 10 – Run x[…]

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Bigdog’s Blog – 040714

My session today was repetition effort quad dominant day. I find rep effort days are the hardest for me, especially in squatting movements. I gotta work on my weaknesses, today is me doing that *groan* A. Back Squat 2×8-12@105kg (I managed 8reps at this weight…an 8RM PR!!!) B1. Front Squat 3×5@95kg[…]

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Bigdog’s Blog – 210514

I had absolutely no time to workout today, so I pulled a late night sesh. I started warming up once everybody left the gym about 1955. And finished my squats at 2055hrs. So it took me an hour to do my squats. I’m a little weak because it’s so late[…]

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