WOD – Tuesday – 150714

MSG WOD A. E4M x 4rds: – Back Squat x 4-6reps @ 30X1 tempo – DB/KB 1-arm Upright Row x 8-10reps @ 3010 tempo B. For Time: – Wall Balls x 75 – Butterfly Situps x 50 – Box Jump w/ Step Down x 25 Cutoff = 12mins * Be[…]

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Do you even biceps?

WOD – Thursday – 100714

MSG WOD A. EMOM x 10min: Odd mins – Skin the Cat x 3 Even mins – Farmers Carry x 20m @ tough B. In 30 mins, do AMRAP double unders. Every 5mins stop and do the following once through and then begin doing more double unders until the next 5min stoppage: – Butterfly situps[…]

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WOD – 30/8/13

“Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”  ~ Paulo Coelho

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WOD – 28/08/13

“Leave yourself no option. Take away your safety net. Straight ahead, leave yourself no mutha effin out! Find the hard path…” CT Fletcher

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Rite of Passage WOD 15/08/13

 A1.  Turkish Get Up Practice (4 x 3 reps each arm) A2.  L-sit tuck into extension (4 x 7-10 reps) * Extend the legs in L-sit for 2-5 seconds, pull them in for 2-5 seconds and repeat. Do on equalizers. * Aim for beautiful movement. Stability and mobility are the[…]

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