WOD – Wednesday – 081014

A. E4min x 4rds: – FSQ Clusters x 2.2.2. @ 30X1 w/ 20sec rest b/w clusters (see 170914) B. E3min x 5rds: – Wtd Chinups x 1-2reps @ 21X0 (heavier than 170914) – Strict Dips x 3-10reps C. In 4rds, build to a very heavy Farmers Carry over 30-50m: Wed results  

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WOD – Wednesday – 100914

A. E4min x 3rds: – Front Squat x 3.3.3. @ 30X1 tempo w/ 20sec rest b/w clusters B. E3min x 4rds: – Wtd CTB Chinups x 3-4reps @ 21X0 tempo – Strict HSPU x 2-8reps C. E4min x 3rds: – 1arm Farmers x 50-100m @ tough weight w/ left hand[…]

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WOD – Saturday – 020814

Adam T has just signed up to do some personal training with me to help him get ready to enlist in the defence force. Last week, I tested Adam on his pushups and situps as well as putting him through a multi-stage fitness test (aka beep test). We wish Adam the[…]

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Bigdog’s Blog – 100714

A. FFESS 3×10/leg@2010 tempo@16kg/arm *Ouch! Not entirely a pleasant experience! This smoked the hell out of me! It totally shouldn’t have, but it did! I really should be front foot elevated split squatting about 50kg, but I’m no where close at the moment. That’s what training is for No ‘workouts’[…]

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Bigdog’s Blog – 040714

My session today was repetition effort quad dominant day. I find rep effort days are the hardest for me, especially in squatting movements. I gotta work on my weaknesses, today is me doing that *groan* A. Back Squat 2×8-12@105kg (I managed 8reps at this weight…an 8RM PR!!!) B1. Front Squat 3×5@95kg[…]

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Bigdog’s Blog – 160614

So, today’s my birthday. I had a hot chocolate with fish and chips and onion rings. Delicious! I spent the bulk of the morning chilling with my wife and daughter. Great times! I banged out a few programs in the ago and smashed out a lifting session too. Here’s what[…]

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