WOD – 110714 – Friday

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WOD – 110714 – Friday


A. Every 90sec x 8rds:
– Segmented snatch grip deadlift (pause just off ground, just below knee, and at mid-thigh) x 1 rep

Build to a moderately heavy weight. Record what you ‘feel’ is the weight of your ‘best’ lift

B. Every 2min x 5rds:
– DB/KB Bench Press x 6-8reps @ 30X1 tempo @ heavier than 080714

C. 4RFT:
– DB/KB Push Press x 10
– Run x 400m @ 90%
– Rest x 2min. In this time do couch stretch (any variation) on each leg for 30sec, then when 2mins is up start next round



Friday’s results:



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