WOD – 29/08/13

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WOD – 29/08/13

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.
~Albert Einstein

Here are today’s WODs:

Rite of Passage

A. Skin the Cat
1 x AMRAP 2min

B. Atomic crunches
1 x AMRAP 2min

* Atomic crunch is when you put your feet in rings (at mid shin height) and do a double footed mountain climber. Knees must hit elbows or no rep is counted. It is essentially a prone knees to elbow.

C. Complete 5 x 3 minute rounds with 3 minutes rest on a running clock of:

– 300 Meter Row
– AMRAP Double-Unders

* The clock doesn’t stop for this workout. As soon as the 3 minute work period is finished, you rest. Complete this in waves. Record the number of double unders achieved in total for the whole 5 rounds PLUS the number of metres rowed. 

Open WOD:

Session 1:

A. AMRAP 8mins:
– Power Cleans to Push Press (5 reps @ 70kg)
– Ring Dips (5 reps)

B. Complete 3 rounds of:
In 90 seconds MAX, complete the following:

– Sprint 40m
– 30 KB Swings @ m.32kg,f.24kg

*Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

Session 2:

A. Bench Press
Personal Bench Press program

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