“When all is said and done, more is said than done.”
~Lou Holtz

We hope you enjoyed Thursday’s training session with skipping and rowing. You all did excellent. Here are a couple of vids you might be interested in watching that will help you skip better.

Here is a taste tester, Buddy Lee is a legend. In this vid he touches on the power jump. And then he shows off a little bit ;o)

And to delve deeper into training, here is Buddy’s instructional video “Learn Correctly How to Jump Rope. It’s essential viewing really.

Lol, and here’s Jump Rope as a sport. A little bit, ah…different?

And for those of you who want to start learning some tricks.

Rite of Passage & Open

A. “Lipson Test”
400m Sled Push @ BW

Double unders

C. Thrusters
AMRAP unbroken @ 0.5 x BW

* Record time for Lipson test
* Record double unders
* Record thrusters unbroken