WOD – Bonus Point Friday – 010814

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WOD – Bonus Point Friday – 010814

Bonus Point Friday!

Come along to any session today and earn yourself 3 bonus points in our attendance competition! You can only get the points once but any extra time you come in earns you the regular 1 bonus point! Wahoo!! Rack up those points baby 🙂


A. E2M x 5rds, do 3 reps of Segmented Snatch Grip Deadlift:
– Pause just off ground
– Pause just above knee
– Pause at mid-thigh
– Drop from top and reset position for next rep

B. E2M x 4rds:
– Push Press x 2reps
– Power Jerk x 2reps

* Use a tough weight for this. A tough weight is probably 85-90% of your P3RM. No missed lifts, so make sure you shoot for a lower weight if you’re not sure what your 3RM is.

C. 5RFT:
– Russian KB Swings x 15@tough
– No pushup burpees x 10

* Cutoff = 7mins. Record reps achieved if not made cutoff. Push it on burpees but stay steady on swings.

D. Partner TTB Skills Circuit. AMRAP 15mins IGYG:
– Linked Kipping TTB x AMRAP. When you fail to link a pair of reps (be it on your 1st rep or whatever rep, you’re done)
– 10m Shuttle Run x 20m each IGYG

* Each partner must only attempt 1 set of Linked Kipping TTB before doing the shuttle sprints. When both partners have given it a crack, go for your runs as a team. Want to get out more TTB and not run so much? Link reps! 🙂

Who can link 20 together? 🙂

Friday’s Results:



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