WOD – Friday – 071114

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WOD – Friday – 071114

Today (Friday) the gym will be closed from 1100hrs-1400hrs. Note, that means that there will be no 1230hrs session! Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Holy smokes! There was some great battles in the gym today. Talk about bringing that competitive spirit out! haha! Beamer, Dean and Aaron brought it this morning with the team assault bike WOD. They crushed it with 484calories as a team. But they were chased down by Biggy, Burry and Jabby at 1745 who came out with 506cals. Bigdog and Burry almost died as it was more high intensity cardio than both had done in recent times! Good for the soul haha (yes Bigdog speaks in third person…). Kristy and Leanne, did you put Mat in charge of keeping track of your calories? lol 😛

Then there was the 10min squat challenge. Kristy set the standard with an unbroken 10mins. Rob decided to 1-up her and went 11mins unbroken! Then Nicola decided to really up the ante and did 15mins unbroken. We all thought this was terribly awesomely competitive and lovely…so Olivia decided to 1-up Nicola with 16mins unbroken!!! And we’re talking deep squats to guys. Well done to all who stuck around and gave this one a crack. Not easy. Not fun. And not easy! Well done!

A. E5min x 4rds:
– Push Press x 3-4reps @ 20X2
– DOH RDL x 3-5reps @ 30X0

B. AMRAP 20mins:
– Wall Walks x 3
– Burpees x 6
– KB Swings x 9
– Double Unders x 25

BRING YOUR SKIPPING ROPE. Sub for those without a rope or with lower limb injury is 10cals on Assault Bike. We sell skipping ropes for $15. Come buy one if you need one!

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