Pip and Michelle hit half a buck at Iron Trial.

Filly and Gillian hit 35kg

Great efforts ladies!!! 🙂 This is what I love about MSG, hard work and dedication leads to real training gains. I love it! Go girls!

Move Strong Kids/Teens Homework

A. Learning
With your parents help, do some research on the following, including watching videos, reading notes or articles:
– Muscleups
– Cartwheels

B. Teens Practicing
– Practice your handstands and see if possible, take a photo and show Coach Bigdog how good you were.
– Hold the bottom of a squat in front of a mirror and try to keep your knees out, back straight and hands up (think sit down, put your hands on the table).

B. Kids Practicing
Practice hopping on one leg from side to side
Practice skipping with a skipping rope


A1. Arch Hold on Stomach w/ PVC
A2. Hollow Hold on Hands and Feet

B. Nose and Toes Handstand Hold

C. Hollow Rocks

D. Optional Goat Progression Activity

– Option 1 – Goat Killa
Kill a goat or make another attempt to anyway

– Option 2 – Bodyweight to Strength Ratio
Bodyweight If you are lagging behind in bodyweight tasks (eg pullups,pushups,or 1xBW back squat, etc) you need to lose body mass. You should do 8×0:20/0:10 for each of the following:
– AssBike (do the full 4mins then rest 1min MAX)
– Skipping/Double Unders (do the full 4mins then rest 1min MAX)
– KB Swings @ m.24kg,f.16kg

– Option 3 – Skills Ed.
Talk to your coach about how to perform a skill listed on the MSG OPS. Spend some time mastering the finer points of the task and if possible, tick that badboy off!


Please don’t do any extra work. If you come in to the gym, foam roll, read some of my text books. Please, please, please don’t do anything else! Rest your body.

If you’ve missed a workout, and you’ve done the MSG WOD, I would HIGHLY recommend that you just rest. But, if you’ve missed a bunch of strength stuff, you could do that. Give your body a chance to adapt. Overtraining isn’t ‘tough’ it’s dumb 🙂