WOD – Monday – 140714

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WOD – Monday – 140714


A. EMOM x 10:
– Hang power snatch from mid-thigh

B. E3min x 4:
– Standing BTN SG Press x 7-10reps @ 3010 tempo
– CTB Chinup Negatives (jump up if can’t do one chinup) x AMRAP @ 51X1 tempo

C. AMRAP 10min @ 70% effort:
– Run x 200m
– Clean Grip Deadlifts x 10 @ tough weight
– HR Pushups x 15

* Load for deadlifts should be tough (e.g., around 35-50% of your 1RM. If you know your 10RM, aim to do about 70% of this weight). HR Pushups should not be sloppy, keep torso tight, rigid and stable. Keep legs locked, keep neck and spine neutral. If releasing your hands off the ground at the bottom of the movement is too hard for you to maintain your position, scale to regular chest to ground pushups or choose a range of motion that is more suitable to you that allows accurate positioning. 

Monday’s Results:



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