WOD – Saturday – 020814

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WOD – Saturday – 020814

Adam T has just signed up to do some personal training with me to help him get ready to enlist in the defence force. Last week, I tested Adam on his pushups and situps as well as putting him through a multi-stage fitness test (aka beep test). We wish Adam the best of luck with his preparations, no doubt with all this training he’ll kill it and smash his way into the service no worries.

I talked to Keesha’s mum and she is doing well with here initial employment training after being enlisted into the defence force. So far, since opening Move Strong, I’ve helped 3 soldiers meet their fitness requirement and earn entry into the defence force. There are several reservist and ex-military personnel who look to Move Strong as their temple of strength and conditioning. If you are contemplating a career change to enter the Army, Navy or Air Force, have a chat to me and I’ll make sure that your fitness isn’t the thing that’ll hold you back!



A. Front Squat Clusters
– 4 x 3.3.3 w/ 15sec pause between clusters
– Rest x 3min

B. AMRAP 20min:
– Strict Neutral Grip Chinups x 4
– Hang Power Snatches x 3 @ tough weight
– Burpees jump-over bar x 2
– Clean & Jerk x 1 @ same weight

Saturday’s results:



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