WOD – Wig Wednesday – 060814

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WOD – Wig Wednesday – 060814

Remember guys that it is Wig Wednesday today! Wear a wig and earn yourself a few bonus points! 🙂


A. E5min x 4rds:
– BB Front Rack Stepups x 5-7reps/leg alt reps per rep @ 12-20″ box height
– 1arm Upright Row x 7-10reps/arm @ 3010 tempo

* Compare this to 300714. Aim to be better in both movements – that means more accurate, more range of motion (e.g. box height) or heavier weight. 

B1. Chinup Test
Do 5 chinups unbroken if you can. If you cannot, record how many you can do.
B2. AMRAP 10min @ 80% effort:
– Strict Chinups x 10 (see notes below)
– 1arm OH Carry – left x 30m
– 1arm OH Carry – right x 30m
– AssBike x 30sec @ max effort

** If you can do 3-5 strict chin-ups, you may use a band…unless indicated by a coach. If you cannot do 3 chin-ups then you should not use a band, but rather use a 2foot assisted chin-up off a barbell. Remember scapula control is KEY! 🙂

C. AMRAP 10min @ 90% effort:
– HSPU x 5-8 (see notes)
– Box Stepups w/ Jump Down x 10
– Run x 200m

**If you cannot do a HSPU against the wall, your choices to scale are as follows:
– If you’re scared or poor at getting upside down, do wall walks
– If you don’t mind being upside down, or have done wall walks almost all the way to the wall a few WODs in a row, try doing HS Kick Ups, and get upside down into the HSPU position.
– If you can’t do HSPU’s to the ground, use an AbMat or kick shield to limit your range of motion.
– If you really struggle with shoulder mobility, perhaps doing a few more reps but putting your feet up on a box might work for you. Chat to a coach 🙂

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