Having trouble or tightness when going overhead? This Starrett classic from MWOD might help. Clean up your Lats peeps.


A. E90sec x 5rds, do the following:
– Snatch Grip BTN Push Press x 3-4 reps

B. E90sec x 6rds, do the following:
– Hang Power Snatch From Mid-Thigh + OHS

C. E2MOM x 5rds, do the following:
– Wtd Dip x 3-4 @ 31X1 tempo
– Wtd Semi-Pronated Pullup x 3-4 @ 31X2 tempo

D. AMRAP 10min @ 70% effort:
– Ring Rows x 5
– Row x 200m
– HR Pushups x 8

* Scale pushups to band pushups (do AMRAP in first round, and do 2-3 less reps from then on – e.g. do 12 in first round so do 10 every round thereafter…even if you can’t get 10 unbroken. Rest then keep going till reps are achieved).

Tuesday results: