A. Back Squat
5 x 2 @ 80%WM


B. AMRAP 15min
– Double Unders x 50
– TTB x 12
– KB Lunge x 30m

* Scaling options include 150SS or subbing HKR for TTB or elevating knees on box for wall walks. Feel free to reduce reps if challenged to get DU sets done in

Optional Extra Work

AMAP 10-20mins of the following stuff:

– SMRT and Triggerpoint Therapy of troublesome muscles/tissue
– Contrast showers
– Compression of troublesome joints
– Icing of troublesome joints
– Stretching tight muscles
– Mobilising to get into better positions (OHS, Hollow position, overhead lockout position, AKBS overhead position, false grip position, etc)


A. Pushups
Max reps unbroken AFAP

Measure number of reps completed and time taken to complete.


A. 2 Round RAMP up:
– Snatch long pull x 2
– Snatch push press x 2
– OHS x 2
– Contreras Back Ext x 25
– GHD situp w/ MB x 7

B. Snatch segment pull+snatch pull
3 x 2 (1+1)

* SSP = knee, hip, finish

C. Snatch
3 x 3

D. Snatch push press+OHS
3 x 1 (3+1)

E. AMRAP 9min
– Power Cleans x 4
– KBS x 6
– Toes to Rings x 8