As some of you know, several members of Move Strong Gym are registered to compete in this year’s CrossFit Games Open. Every Saturday for the next couple of weeks, our team will be heading over to throw down with Mason and his team at CrossFit MSD in Burnie. At this stage HQ are still taking registrations, so if you are on the fence about doing this, NOW is the time to register…as in today…literally! It will be too late tomorrow! The first workout is released on Thursday – BOOSHKA!

Announcement #2:

There is a super workshop being held on Saturday at 1000-1300hrs. Stuff we’ll do will include:

– Lower body strength exercises: Intro to squatting variations and testing for back squat submax ability
– Upper body strength exercises: Intro to pressing and pulling variations and testing for press submax ability
– Max power exercises: Intro to olympic lifting variations and testing for deadlift submax ability
– Power endurance exercises: Intro to all things spew worthy, including double unders, rowing, assault bikes, jumping, battlerope slams and kettlebell swings

This is open to all members – PLEASE BOOK IN BY CONTACTING BIGDOG – 0402 733 944.


Hang Clean+Power Jerk

In 12mins, find today’s 8RM

* Work your way intelligently up to a subjectively heavy set. Be accurate to the milimetre


For time:

Choose a buyin from the following list:

– Run x 800m
– Row x 1000m
– AssBike x 0.9miles
– Double Under x 300

Then do:

3rounds of:

– AKBS x 32,24,12
– Air Squat x 32,24,12

* Use a subjectively heavy bell for swings. Track total time and weight used.

Optional Extra Work


A. Chinups

Max reps unbroken AFAP

Measure number of reps completed and time taken to complete.


A. 2 Round RAMP up:

– Push press x 2
– Jerk BTN x 2
– Split press BTN x 2
– Reverse Hyper x 15
– Russian twist x 20alt

B. Power clean+front squat+clean+jerk

3 x 1 (1+1+1+1)

* 3 sec pause in split

C. Snatch high w/ flat feet

3 x 4

E. 5RFT:

– Bench Press x 10
– FR Lunges x 10alt
– Tire Flips x 3