If you’ve got 45mins to kill, have a watch of this. It’s the history of the World’s Strongest Man competition. It’s awesome!

Also, CrossFit Levitate are holding their Grand Opening Day tomorrow in Launceston.

“We’re proud to announce the opening of CrossFit Levitate here in Launceston! 
As well as Levitate’s very first friendly competition, the “Opening Day Records Board!”
Come along, check the place out, set a record or two and have a drink because it looks like it’s going to be a big night! 
Record attempts start just after 1pm, meat and drinks provided for a BBQ around 6-7pm but please feel free to bring along anything you wish to eat or drink.”

I’m heading on down there to throw down with the guys. I’ll shoot off straight after the gym shuts at 1100hrs. Who else is coming down to have a lift and support Micah and his new box? I’m pumped!



A. Mystery WOD
You’ll have to come and see what this little puppy is ;o) ;o)

B1. Back Squats
B2. Sledge Hammer Strikes
3×25 (left)
B3. Box Jumps
B4. Wall Balls
B5. Sledge Hammer Strikes
3×25 (right)
B6. Yoke Carry
3x10m carry @ as heavy as possible

Don’t be in a hurry from station to station. Instead of being puffed out, think maximum exertion of power and accurate speed with each set!


Optional Rest Day. If you really want to do something extra, come on down to CrossFit Levitate’s open day in Launy! 🙂