Move Strong Gymnasium is a private strength and conditioning facility based in Devonport, Tasmania specialising in constantly varied high intensity functional training. We are also the home-base for the North-West Coast TIS athletes and North-West Cricket Tasmania athletes.

We are a school of strength and fitness. A place where warriors are made and athletes are developed. Inside the crucible of our gym, elite performance is forged and weakness is purged. Through temporary pain and suffering comes fortitude and grit that only the initiated can comprehend. Our bond is iron and our loyalty is as steel. With honour and respect for our comrades, we learn, we endure and we conquer.

Join the brotherhood of fitness. Contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP! Or of course you can give Chris a buzz and ask him any questions you might have – 0402 733 944.

where is move strong gym located?

We are located at 32 Don Road, Devonport Tasmania 7310 (opposite Beck’s).

what type of training do we do?

We are a functional performance training gymnasium. Our training is constantly varied, highly intense and extremely functional. We combine Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman training, gymnastics, hardstyle kettlebell training and athletic strength and conditioning. We would like to highlight something important. We are not a bodybuilding gym. Our focus is not on aesthetic enhancement. We train to improve your health and fitness across a broad range of fitness modalities and energy systems. In short we train for performance and health.

We press heavy things overhead, we lift heavy stuff off the ground, we push and pull things, climb things, throw stuff and run, jump, skip, cycle, row, punch and kick! As Bruce Lee said, we “absorb what is useful, and discard what is not”. We work hard and smart at our gym. We move strong!

We also offer fun strength and conditioning classes for kids and teenagers that aim to teach them new functional movement skills and help your children become well-rounded athletes. Most importantly, our classes will instil within your children a love for fitness that will carry over into adulthood.

Find out more about us and the type of training that we do by reading our FAQs.