Are you an aspiring athlete, looking to excel in your sport? How would you like to gain the competitive edge over your opposition by being stronger, fitter and faster than them? Well this brand new service has been created just for you!

We’re very excited to now offer our Athlete Squad Training Program which aims to help elite (and aspiring) athletes achieve their performance goals. All elite athletes know you need to do far more than just work on your skills in your chosen sport – you also need to work to strengthen your body and correct dysfunctional movement patterns, so that you can stand out amongst your competitors. If you need direction and expert coaching in strength and conditioning training, and in functional movement, than our Athlete Squad Training program is for you! But please note: we only accept the most dedicated athletes, who are willing to work hard, inside and outside of the gym. Our focus is on improving performance – we WILL help you to improve, but in return we need your 100% dedication.

Spaces in the Athlete Squad Training Program are STRICTLY limited – Only FOUR spots remaining. Contact us today to see if you are eligible!

When you join the Athlete Squad Training Program, you will receive a Functional Movement Screen to assess your movement patterns and any dysfunctions that need correcting. You will then receive an Individualised Program designed especially to help you regain functionality in your movement, as well as increase strength and fitness so that you can excel in your chosen sport. Your program will be updated regularly, as needed. We will also work with your sports coach (and any other professional you are working with, i.e. physiotherapist, nutritionist, etc.), to ensure your program works synergistically with your current sports-centred programs. In addition to this, you will also receive  2 x 1 hour Semi-Private Coaching sessions, where you will be coached through your program by our expert strength and conditioning Head Coach, Chris Bellette. Spaces are strictly limited to a maximum of six athletes, to ensure that each athlete gets individualised attention during the Athlete Squad Training sessions.

The price of our Athlete Squad Training Program is $50 per week, which includes an Individualised  Program (and ongoing updates), and 2 x Semi-Private Coaching sessions per week. This is an excellent price, as you would usually be looking at spending $310 for an Individualised Program, and $160 for 2 x 1 hour Private Coaching sessions per week.

If you have any questions, or would like to see if you are eligible for our Athlete Squad Training Program, contact Coach BigDog on 0402 733 944 or

About your Athlete Squad Coach

chrisChris Bellette is a qualified ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach, who has been working with athletes in many different sports for the past 7 years. In addition to his role as Head Coach at Move Strong Gym and CrossFit Devonport, Coach Bellette is also the Tasmanian Institute of Sport (TIS) Satellite Coach for TIS athletes in the North-West Coast. He has coached a range of athletes, including cyclists, sprinters, equestrians, boxers, netballers, AFL players and triathletes. He has coached several olympians and national and state champions. Just recently one of his TIS  athletes, Deon Kenzie, achieved a silver medal in the 1500m sprint at the Rio Paralympic Games. Coach Bellette is also the North-West Strength & Conditioning Coach for Cricket Tasmania, and is the co-director of Strongman Tasmania, and actively competes in the sport.

Coach Bellette has received a number of educational achievements, including a Bachelor Human Movement Science, Strength & Conditioning Coach (Level 1), Functional Movement Screen (Level 2), AWF Weightlifting Coach (Level 1), REHAB Trainer Essentials (Level 1), Active Release Techniques (Upper & Lower Extremities) and Athletes Performance Internship (Phase 1).