Drum Roll please………….

Here are the top 20 Strong Movers who have attended the most over the last week and who have got into the groove of Super Hero day! Well done guys!

Joe L 16
Jarrod B 13
Beth F 13
Amy Y 11
Amy P 10
Donna H 10
Chris W 8
Gillian B 8
Ben M 7
Daniel B 7
Amber L 6
Anna S 6
Bec S 6
Adam T 5
Dean S 5
Kristy H 5
Matt M 5
Nicola D 5
Richard S 5
Sam H 5

We have three weeks left of the Attendance Competition. Make your attendance count by taking advantage of the Bonus Points tasks that will pop up over the next few weeks. Tomorrow is TRIPLE POINT Friday (turn up to training and you will automatically get 3 points). And on Saturday you can gain 5 BONUS POINTS if you come to our photoshoot. Stay tuned for next week’s Bonus Points!!

Don’t think you have a chance to win the competition? Why not make a personal goal to get into the TOP 20 MOVE STRONG ATTENDEES?