My training diary for 100214

M. Pretty good – 9
F. Pretty good – 9 (It’s Monday!)
S. Locked up QL’s and hips, sore through R-lumbar and still sore in my dodgy knee (for those who don’t know, I’ve had a pretty much minescetomised-to-death right lateral knee. It’s my ‘dodgy’ knee). – 4

Session #1 – 0500hrs

Today I got my first session in at 0500 during our MSG group session. An awesome bunch of people train at this timeslot and I really feel motivated and pushed each time I come and train with the team.

A. 8RFT:
– S2O x 2 @ 60kg (85%PWM)
– Power Clean x 5 @ 60kg (85%PWM)

B. HSPU Descending Ladder
– 2,1,2,1 full ROM strict HSPU against wall. Practiced kipping w/ Deano, but still not 100% balanced.

MENTAL NOTE: Need more practice at HSPU kipping!

C. “11.1”
AMRAP 10mins
– Double Unders x 30
– Power Snatch x 15 @ 35kg

225reps RXd

Note – Felt great cardio wise. Best I’ve felt in a met con for a long time actually! I guess all the training I’ve been doing lately is paying off. I didn’t try and rush. I got a couple of unbroken snatches out, but as I got into the workout my forearms got fried and didn’t want to sacrifice form by muscling it up so I put the bar down and did some Fast and Loose real quick to get ready to go again.

Session #2 – 1200hrs

Was supposed to row 7000m at an easy pace but only rowed 3100 or something as my back was a bit stiff. So I got off the rower, did a little SMRT and still didn’t feel 100% and was cutting it pretty close to the 1230hrs Group Session so I called it quits there and just did some mobility before taking the 1230hrs class.

Session #3 – 1630hrs

Recovery session…mixed with reading a sweet book I’ve been getting into – White, by Ted Dekker.  I spent about 2hours rolling, reading, stretching, playing with Poppy and watching a combination of Peppa Pig, Charlie and Lola and The Hive. Livin’ the life ;o)

Here’s what I did.

SMRT w/ LX ball:
– QL’s
– TFL’s
– Piriformis
– Glute Med/Min
– Spinae Erectors

Session #4 – 1845hrs

Consumed pre-workout drink @ 1815hrs.

A. Snatch
1 @ 50,50,60,70(miss),70 (will use my lift at 60kg as I power snatched the 70. I really need to practice getting full extension. I’m trying to get under the bar too quickly and missing all the power of a full triple extension)

B. Snatch High-Pull + Snatch From Mid-thigh
5 x 3+1 @ 70-80% A. 42.5kg (70% A.)

(I just did Power Snatches from Mid-thigh though, just to emphasise speed under bar without worrying about depth of the catch).

C1. Snatch Grip BTN Power Jerk
4 x 3 @ 50kg
C2. Harrop Curl
4 x 5

Workout lasted 65mins.

M. Great mood! Feel 10/10 at the end of the day
F. Feel great at the end of the day 9/10
S. Low back pain loosened up after recovery session and movement prep before session #4. 7/10 – need to ice knees and focus on nutrition over next 48hrs. Need to get 8hrs sleep tonight.