Here are a couple of articles that I read that you might be interested in reading.

A conversation with Young Scholar about Intermittent Fasting by Tony Boutagy. Tony has a comically sarcastic style and has a knack for telling it like it is and stepping on toes. I like him a lot and have completed an internship with him in the past.

A great article about the different types of people that ‘do’ CrossFit. Andy pointed this article out to me and I’d like to hope we’re on the same path as what the author is saying. I’m a massive fan of James Fitzgerald and his BigDawgs Blog/WODs and he’s been using a multitiered training program structure for several years now. He won the very first CrossFit games way back when. I also love Dave Werner’s approach to training. Dave runs Crossfit Seattle – Level 4 CrossFit – the very first CrossFit affiliate in the WORLD!

Read about what I got up to today for training.


M. Feeling good, but a little morose, my wife and baby girl head to Sydney for a week and I have to drop them off at Launceston airport this morning. I’ll miss them, so my mood is 7/10.
F. 3 – Fatigue is high, that plan to get 8hrs sleep? Yeah. Didn’t pan out that way. I looked at the clock and it said 2320hrs last night, bugger! Only got about 4.5hrs! Not good!!
S. 8. Soreness is ok, got a great trap workout yesterday so they are nicely sore, but my hands are feeling it a bit today. I really need to get some better straps to protect my hands. I’ve got a few blisters in my pinkies from snatches in yesterday’s OES so I’ll have to be careful.


Nap – 0700

Slept for 20mins

Session #1 – 1130hrs

60mins easy pace, every 5mins get off and complete 30sec of Front Lever practice on rings.

Nap – 1400hrs

Slept for 15mins

Nap – 1530hrs

Slept and read and laid down for about 45mins. Just chilled. I felt refreshed afterwards – the perks of having your own gym AND having a gymnastics mat to curl up on in the sun 🙂

Session #2 – 1630hrs

Recovery Session – self massage and stretching for about 45mins

Session #3 – 1745hrs

After 3 naps and a slap to the face, I decided that I’ll take the rest of the day off training and focus on a regenerating workout to make me feel good. Tomorrow is a planned rest day and it dawned on me at about this time that I could just swap today’s workout for tomorrow’s rest day…duh! So, today is a quasi-rest recover day and tomorrow I’ll hit it again…well…that’s the plan and it doesn’t always work out that way ;o)

A. A little circuit where I don’t count reps or sets just go till it feels good, of:
– Hollow rocks and holds
– Some rolls and rocks
– An RKC armbar or two
– A bit of funky stuff that has no name other than playing around

C1. Contreras Back Extensions
3 x 20
C2. GHD Situps
3 x 15
C3. 1-leg Reverse Hypers
3 x 15
C4. Oblique GHD Crunches
3 x 10ea

M. 6…being sore takes it’s toll on your emotions! I really can’t be buggered, motivation low!
F. 7 – Not so tired anymore, so better than this morning.
S. 6. – That low back niggle is still hanging around. After the Abs-ey stuff I feel better.

I’m done for the day 🙂