M. Feeling a little flat today – 7/10
F. Still feeling a little sleepy, snoozed my alarm over 5 times, possibly a little stressed – 6/10
S. Low back a little better but still got that niggle, knee is almost right, needs a few more days to come perfect – 5/10

Goal for today – do what I can today, don’t blitz yourself, be 100% accurate to the millimetre. Have fun. Serve others, help people. Smile. Be happy and be nice :o)

Session #1 – 0900hrs

Self massage before taking a class

Session #2 – 1045hrs

AMRAP 10mins
– Deadlifts x 9 @ 70kg
– Pushups x 12
Box Jumps x 15 AssBike x 4cals

* Notes:

I needed to substitute the box jumps because my knee isn’t 100% right. So I’ll just do something to get the lactic acid sting and tap into that anaerobic lactic energy system. A 4cal sprint on the AssBike should do it.

Session #3 – 1230hrs

Muscleup practice with a band on the rings and bar.

Focussing on correct hand and wrist position/alignment. Practicing both kipping and strict versions.

Session #4 – 1745hrs

40mins – Flexible Steel stuff and some rolls from Primal Move

Session #5 – 1900

A. Clean & Jerk
5 x 1

* I worked up to 80kg. I’m still slow under the bar. I’m powerful getting it up, but just slow getting back down. Will practice more 🙂

B. Front Squat w/ 2.5″ heel rise
Establish a 1RM

* I didn’t push it too hard in this as my knee is still crap. I did 3 x 3 @ 80kg w/ 2.5″ heel rise to emphasise VMO

C. Power Snatch
4 x 2

* A focus on technique, so stayed very light, did 2 x 2 @ 20kg, 2 x 2 @ 30kg

See TOW – 131228

End of day notes:

I feel good. I ate good today and slept well last night. I trained smart today and hopefully tomorrow I’ll have another good training day.

See you at 0500hrs guys and girls 🙂