Happy Valentines peeps!

It’s been just over 6years since I got married to my darling Filipa. It’s gone very quickly! We’ve moved states twice, set up three businesses, sold one, did miserable and busted out on another and moved to Tassie to set up a new one. I graduated uni (Bachelor Human Movement Science) and did a whole bunch of other professional development courses. Filipa graduated from Macquarie University with a PhD in English Literature (Creative Writing) and published a thesis, and has had a couple of works published in journals since (way to go baby)! We had an offspring and did call her Poppy Jayne Bellette. We’re having a blast in Tassie and love being so close to Filly’s family but it’s sad being so far away from mine. Lucky I have such an amazing extended family and a newfound gym family here in D-town. We’re very comfy here and aren’t going anywhere for at least 65years…maybe ;o)

This is what I got up to today

Session #1 – 1530hrs

First I did a little ab and medball circuit to get loose and hopefully release a bit of tension in my lower back. It looked like this:

3 rounds of:
– 10ea way – Supine rotations w/ medball (lay supinated w/ medball between knees, rotate hips slowly till knees hit ground and reverse direction)
– 10reps – Supine leg tucks w/ medball (lay supinated w/ medball between feet and bring knees to chest, returning legs out straight)

Resting as required and for a bit of a chat in between – nothing to crazy 🙂

Then I did this:

7 rounds of:
– 90 sec fast
– 90 sec slow

Then walk rest 5mins. Then repeat.

That puppy took 46mins and was pretty

I was going to do “Roxanne” with the groups tonight, but my knee is just not right, so I didn’t give it a crack. I just played around with some hang snatches for technique practice.

Here’s my cleans from yesterday