I got a bit busy, then sick, then death hit me via stomach bug or something and I was OUT. Didn’t and couldn’t be stuffed doing pretty much anything other than the essentials at the end of last week (I write this on Monday morning, sitting in the gym early at 0415hrs).

I had a pretty good couple of days at the office last week.

2@ 82.5kg
1@ 85kg
2 x misses @ 87.5kg (but VERY VERY nearly got them up, so I’m confident I’m weeks away from this 🙂

1@202.5kg (this is after setting a personal record earlier on in the week of 200kg!)

I feel like I can get 210 at the movement, if I was fresh and if the stars aligned for me. I’m training off a 215kg max at them moment and basing all my percentage work off that.

I went out guns blazing, did the whole thing unbroken and my swings and pullups were blistering but my 2nd and 3rd run were more like trots compared to the 1st 400m run. I managed a decent time, but it wasn’t a PR I don’t think. I also pulled up REALLY REALLY bad from it. I don’t know if I was already a little sick (which I think I remember having a blocked nose prior to doing Helen and that workout on Friday) or if I had one helluva post exercise induced nausea and diarrhoea. It was nasty! I’m sure you all wanted to know that, but sucked in, you’re reading my blog and that’s what happened 🙂 I still have it so took some gastro stop last night and I think things are getting better. So yeah…

Other stuff
By way of me remembering and you guys keeping me accountable, I did a bunch of other stuff like intervals on the assault bike with Bec Smith, and some 1arm kettlebell pressing. Nothing crazy, but enough to keep greasing the groove and staying active – which is important!