I felt pretty good coming into today’s training, having a pretty quiet finish to the week last week. I had complete rest Saturday and Sunday and a very light day on Friday, so I felt very refreshed this morning. I woke up early and intended to go to the 0500 session but felt like just taking my time and getting a really good movement prep in. So I rocked up to the gym at about 0530 and stretched for about halfa, then did the OES over the course of 90mins or so. I really didn’t push the envelope and did a lot of technique filming. The only time I really pushed myself was in the Zercher Squat Tabata finisher. I feel like my snatch technique is coming along quite well. In Session #1, I didn’t go heavier than the bar today in anything except the Zerchers. I am really reaping dividends for going light lately! I am loving this technique work I am doing. I can’t wait for this next 12 weeks to see how I progress in my O-lifts. I don’t care if I lift a heavier 1RM, I just want to be prettier and feel confident under the bar 🙂

Session #1 – 0600

A. 2 Round RAMP up:

– Snatch long pull x 2
– Snatch push press x 2
– OHS x 2
– Harrop curl x 5
– TTB x 12

B. Power+OHS+Snatch

3 x 1(1+1+1) @ bar

* 2sec hold @ bottom of each position

C. Push Press+Jerk BTN+Jerk

3 x 1(1+1+1) @ bar

* 5sec hold @ bottom of each position

D. Jerk Dip Squat w/ Bands

3 x 3 @ bar

NOTE: I REALLY love this exercise w/ the bands! I felt connected to the bar for possibly the first time ever and started to really feel comfortable driving the bar up with my legs and hips. I’ll look forward to this one and add a little more weight next time.

E. Tabata Axle Zercher Squat

8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Track reps per round. Score is total combined reps.

Used 52kg (47%FSWM).

Session #2 – 0930hrs

I did the MSG WOD with Lilly. I still just used the bar for the snatches and subbed C2B’s for ring rows when my hands got some hot spots. I didn’t want to get a tear, especially this close to the Open. Funny thing though, as I was setting up the rings, I jammed my finger on the Jcups and got a little blood blister that ended up splurting blood all over my hand and the rings haha. I only did 7 rounds in 35mins but I feel ok with that 🙂 I also subbed rowing in for the run as I wanted to stay in the gym with Lilly and wanted to give my knee a bit of a rest from the high impact of running. I felt good at the end and am glad I didn’t push too ridiculously.

8RFT in 35mins:
– Run 400m
– Snatch x 3 @ 60%
– C2B x 13

Session #3 – 1700hrs

“Modified Coopers Test”

AMRAP distance on AssBike in 6mins.

Tracked avg speed and avg heart rate.

Distance = 2620m
Avg Speed = 24.4km/hr
Avg HR = 144bpm