Over the last month or two, my athletic fitness and aesthetic appearance has dramatically changed. I eat like a frickin’ horse, I train, as you have read, between 1-5 times per day. I listen to my body and take it easy on day’s I feel drained and depleted and go hard on day’s that I feel excellent.

I haven’t counted a calorie once.

I sit here typing this after eating what can only be described as a massive meal, and yet I’m hungry still. I am off to cook some more food. Be right back…

…back. I just whipped up a cacao, coconut water and quinoa-chia milk protein frappe. Yum. I’ll do some training in a few minutes, so don’t want to be too full.

Anyways, I haven’t counted any calories for a long time. I know of a few people out there who are concerned with how many calories that they burn while working out…


I mean, what’s the point? You’ll never out-train a poor diet and even if you get close, you’ll never churn through the body fat as a fuel source if your body is out of whack metabolically. You’ll never look lean and mean if all you do is cardio (read kick/boxing, spinning, pump, etc). You’ll also never truly reach your genetic human potential if all you do is get huffed, puffed, sweaty and red-faced for an hour a couple of times a week. Where is the progression? Where is the adaptation? Adapt to what? After about 3 weeks of pure aerobic conditioning with little to no progression in terms of periodization or programmed training stimulus increases, you’ll reach a plateau and that is the LAST thing a novice truly wants or needs when it comes to making athletic or aesthetic changes. What I DO think, is that kick/boxing, spinning, pump, pilates, yoga, gymnastics, BJJ, Krav Maga, GS, running and hell…even freaking Zumba are fantastic things to do! I love each of those things. Yes, even Zumba! I love feeling like a dork and being the centre of attention. I also love wearing lycra and dancing like a lunatic in front of a mirror…but digress.

Just ask any bodybuilder if they build their aesthetic physique with cardio?

I’m not saying I bodybuild, or even that I really give a crap what I look like. I’m not, and I don’t…well…not a lot any way. I’ve been known to do some curls and I think isolation training is a great tool in the functional athlete toolbox. I just don’t want to stand in my undies on a stage wearing fake tan, hoping to be judged by people I don’t know about what I look like. HOWEVER, I love the dedication, the desire, the effort, the consistent effort to excel at something freaking hard! I have a lot of friends and associates within my professional field who aesthetically speaking, look fantastic and are amazing at what they do.

Kudos to them.

But I’m not like that. I walk a different path. I swallow a different drink.

What I have an issue with, is people who complain about not achieving the results that they crave, and yet they don’t do the things that are truly effective or that are going to get them to where they want to be. Studies and years of personal experience have proven that strength training and a combination of high intensity interval training and long slow continual training leads to optimal body composition and incredible amounts of physical fitness. People who only run, or who only kick/box, or who only cycle or swim or walk will never achieve the body composition results that they crave. They will also be reduced to focussing on caloric restriction and that my friends, is a slippery metabolic slope.

I’ve written enough. I’m going to go throw some heavy crap around. For fun, I’m going to see how much I can deadlift today 🙂

Session #1 – 0930hrs

AMRAP 2mins:

I got 46. Man I suck at pushups. Yes…that’s because I have the pectoral development of a teenage boy…barely. Haha. 

Session #2 – 1600hrs

A. 2 Round RAMP up:
– Snatch long pull x 2
– Snatch push press x 2
– OHS x 2
– Contreras Back Ext x 25
– GHD situp w/ MB x 7

B. Snatch segment pull+snatch pull
3 x 2 (1+1) @ 40kg

* SSP = knee, hip, finish

C. Snatch
1 @ 50
1 @ 60
1 @ 70
0 @ 75

Missed my last single at 75kg. I freak out and lose focus. My technique changes when I get heavier. It’s not supposed to be like that. I need more practice. I am really liking this sort of routine.

D. Clean

Session #3 – 1745hrs

IGYG workout w/ Jase.

For time:

– Row x 3000m buyin (partners switch every 250m)

Then each partner does 3,5,9 reps of:

– Squat clean thruster @ 60kg

This one took about 25mins. It was fun as always to work out with Singo. Tough.