It was a long day at the office today…

I have to complete some ASADA certifications for my Strength and Conditioning consulting and so I battled through a crappy internet connection this morning to get a bit of it done. There is so much about doping I didn’t know. I’m glad I have gone through this as I know nothing about anti doping rules and regulations. It’s not really rocket science, but it’s good to learn where all the resources are and what the procedures and regulations are.

I had a fair few appointments and personal coaching sessions to do today as Andy is away I’ve got the evening sessions to do in addition to all my other stuff I’m doing. Busy Bigdog 🙂 I love being busy but it sure makes scheduling in your own training tricky. I managed to get a bit done, but I’m a little bit more tired due to the long days I’m pulling. Sleep is gonna be awesome tonight! Bed here I come! 🙂

Lucky I love my job or working 0500 to 2100 would suck balls. The coolest thing is that I’m smashing all kinds of rep records and breaking PRs all over the hizneezy. Booyah!

Sweat Session:


6 rounds of 60sec on each thing, no rest interval, rotate after 60sec buzzer goes off:
– AssBike
– Row
– Jog
– Tuck Front Lever
– Skip
– Crawl

Reflections, this is by far my favourite way to spend an aerobic session, rotating through a circuit at an easy pace for all. The row was the easiest to go hard in I found, the jog was all wobbly till the end, the levers sucked crap! The skip also sucked and the crawl sucked too. Basically they all sucked but by going for a minute helped me keep my eye on the prize and stay focussed. 

A good little workout.

Strength Session – 1 – 0745hrs

A. Press
5@75% (55kg)
3@85% (60kg)
7@95% (67.5kg) – NEW 7RM!!!!

Strength & Skills Session – 1500hrs

A1. Bench Press
5×10@60% (57.5kg)
A2. Strict Chest to Bar Pullups

B. Clean from blocks (just above knee)