I slept in this morning again, but I ended up getting 10hrs of sleep and I felt refreshed, energised and motivated. My mood was lightened and I felt great. My body and soul needed that.

Strength – 0930hrs

A. Press
5 x 8 @ 45kg

Strength & Skills – 1500hrs

A. Bench Press
5@95kg – NEW 5RM!!!!

* I am really feeling great on this program structure. I’m feeling fresh when  I need to be and strong everyday. All this extra work is paying off.

B. Scap control drills
Focussed on lower traps, rear delts, and rotator cuff muscles. Experimented in a variety of positions, standing, tall kneeling, half kneeling, prone, supine. I’ve discovered that I am poor in all positions except in half kneeling I am extremely poor. I have terrible hip control in half kneeling and have ridiculous compensation going on all over the place – tilting, twisting. I managed to bring it under control, but boy it was hard work. I’ll need to work on this some more.