Bigdog’s Blog – 291214

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Bigdog’s Blog – 291214

A. Deadlift – EMOM
– 4@70kg,100kg,130kg
– 4,4,2,2,3@160kg

I was meant to do this with 162.5kg, but seeing as though I only managed to do 2 sets of 4 I don’t mind that I only did 160kg. I got out a couple more reps than I did last time so that’s progress. Last 3 sets were with straps as I am a little weak in my left hand from the weekend…wait…that doesn’t sound very good! My wrist is sore from an old boxing injury ok!? haha

B. Front Squat – E3min
– 5@50kg,70kg
– 10@82.5kg (x3)


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