Bigdog’s Blog – 301214

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Bigdog’s Blog – 301214

A. Log Power Jerk – EMOM 
– 4@41kg,61kg
– 2(x3),1@91kg

I was supposed to hit 5×2@91kg, but to be honest, it was too heavy for me and I was a bit too ambitious this morning. I bit off more than I could chew and after a couple of failed attempts trying to get the 2nd rep of my 4th set I gave up and called it a day on this exercise. I’ll get this weight, but not today 🙂 Next cycle I’ll own it 🙂

B. Bench Press – E3mins
– 5@35kg,55kg
– 10@72.5kg (x2)80kg

C. E90sec
– Arnold press x 8(x4) @ 15kg/hand
– Incline shoulder press x 8 @ 40kg (x4)
– Front raise x 8 (x4) @ 10kg

Well…this little smoker is humbling!

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