Happy birthday Move Strong! Today marks 2years since we opened our doors for the first time! It’s also April Fools day, but it’s no joke that there’s a bunch of really exciting stuff about to happen up here at the gym.

Remember, this Friday there’s the Olympic Lifting workshop and on Saturday we’ve got our Saturday Strongman session. Stay tuned for some really exciting news for CrossFit Devonport and Move Strong Gymnasium!

A. E2min x 5rds
Power clean x 1 tough rep

B. E2min x 4rds
SG BTN PP x 1-2reps @ 20X1

C. AMRAP 10min @ 80%
– Wall walk x 3
– Skin the cat x 3
– Box jump w/ step down x 5

D. AMRAP 10min @ 80%
– Dips x 3-6
– Double unders x 20
– Walking lunges x 10

Wed Results