Partner WOD
“Pet Rock”
*In partners, complete the following as quickly as possible. While one partner chips away at the exercises, the other partner holds the pet rock (32/24kg kettlebell). Your pet rock is a bit skittish and doesn’t like to be dropped or be placed on the ground. He also doesn’t like it when you lay down with him haha. So no drops, put downs or laying down. Other than that, let your creativity be unleashed!
For time:
– Run 400m together (with your rock of course)
– 100 deadlifts @ 70/50kg
– 100 lunges with your rock (so the non-working partner actually doesn’t hold the rock in this instance)
– 100 ab-mat situps
– 100 push presses @ 42.5/30kg
– 100 double unders
– Run 400m (with your rock again)
* As soon as the last partner gets back, it is TIME!