Recovery is important guys. So is training, but this little picture shows you how much recovery you should be doing on a DAILY basis. Your goal is to post a daily score of “1”. How do you rate? Are you recovering well or are you running your self down, pushing your body to its very limits, waiting till the climactic moment when it says a proverbial “stuff you” and shuts down on you with an overuse injury, sickness or mental drain/fatigue?

Get about recovery methods Strong Movers. It really is that important!

Care of Jase Stewart from MFX in Deloraine (he’s the man! Love that guy!)

A. E3min x 3rds
– Squats (linear progression)
– Pullups x AMRAP

B. “Helen w/ a twist”
First do 3rds of:
– Run x 400m
– KBS x 21 @ m.24kg,f.16kg
– Pullups x 12
Then after those do 100 x seated plate twists w/ feet elevated @ m.15kg,f.10kg

Thur Results

thur thur