Our next DIY Chemical-Free SKINCARE Workshop is set and ready to go for Sat 15 Oct, 6pm @ 47 Wilmot Road, Forth in the Robertson’s new, tranquil learning space (from Purple House Natural Therapies). Book in early to secure your spot as our last SKINCARE Workshop booked out 🙂

Did you know that your skin is your biggest organ, and that it absorbs a large portion of what you slather onto it? Unfortunately many skincare products stocked in shops contain dangerous chemicals that can damage not only our skin, but also the cells and organs hugged beneath it. This can lead to all sorts of health conditions, from rashes, premature wrinkling, poor immune and gut functioning, depression, behavioural disorders…the list goes on. You can take control of your health by learning to make your own natural DIY skincare products. It’s easy, fun and cost-effective! During the workshop, we’ll be using 100% pure, therapeutic-grade Young Living essential oils to make the products, as well as other natural ingredients. Therapeutic-grade essential oils contain healing properties that can help with a range of skin conditions, from retarding wrinkles, to fighting acne, to soothing eczema. They are potent antioxidants, meaning they protect cells from free­ radicals, and thus slow down ageing (inside and out). Essential oils are also added for their wonderful aroma, and can help to uplift and ground emotions.

During the workshop, you will learn to make five skincare products (which you will take home):

Honey Lavender Face Wash – 250ml
Anti-Wrinkle Serum – 25ml
Skin Perfecting Face Cream – 120ml
Lemongrass & Ginger Salt Scrub – 250ml
Choc Mint Lip Balm – 10ml

You’ll also learn some of the more nastier chemicals commonly found in skincare products to avoid, as well as the negative impacts these toxins have on you and your family. You’ll learn what essential oils are best for skincare, and which ones can help with physical and emotional health issues. You’ll also learn nutrition and lifestyle tips that can help achieve radiant skin. We’ll also provide you with a recipe booklet to take home, as well as tips on where to get the best price for quality ingredients. This workshop will be educational, informative and empowering, leaving you not only armed with chemical-free skincare products, but also leaving you motivated to make a difference to you and your family’s health and emotional wellbeing.

No pre-shopping or supplies required, just register and show up! The workshop is $30 and covers all supplies, containers and oils – this is literally the amount you would spend if you made the products at home! This really is a bargain – if you purchased an ‘all-natural’ skincare product from the shops, chances are you would be paying anywhere from $20 – $80 for a small bottle – plus, there are often some questionable ingredients in even supposedly ‘green’ products.

Space is limited in the workshop and will require pre-purchased registration to ensure we have enough room and supplies for everyone. Please pay online through our online store – http://movestronggym.com.au/store/ – cash at the gym (please place money in an envelope with your name on it) or via EFT:

Move Strong Pty Ltd
BSB: 067 402
ACC: 1048 7842

All welcome! Looking forward to seeing you there!

WHEN: Sat 15 Oct, 6pm – 8:30pm

WHERE: 47 Wilmot Rd, Forth (Robertson’s Learning Space from Purple House Natural Therapies)

COST: $30 (covers all supplies, containers and oils)

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