Before I cleaned up my nutrition, I used to get really bad heartburn after most meals. I find now I can manage it pretty well by avoiding certain foods (grains are the biggest culprits, and sometimes raw onion, tomatoes, spicy foods). But even then, the heartburn will pop up occasionally, unannounced and unexpected.
During my pregnancies, the heartburn was excruciating. By the third trimester I would have to sit up in bed to fall asleep. With my first baby (when I didn’t care a great deal about nutrition and health), I lived on antacids. Even with my second baby, when I knew better, I would occasionally pop the odd antacid when the heartburn kept me from sleeping at night. Thinking back on it, I cringe now, now that I know just how bad antacids are for your body. Most contain aluminium, a toxic heavy metal, that can cause all sorts of imbalances in your body – not to mention taint the precious bundle of growing baby in the womb! Antacids can also severely affect the gut and absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. There are tons of other reasons why antacids are bad for you. This article provides a good summary.
When I first started using essential oils, I was excited to discover that lemon oil can help soothe heartburn. When I started feeling the burn of acidic food clutch at my chest and throat, I quickly grabbed my lemon oil and rubbed it on my chest. The first time I did this, I could actually feel the oil seep into my skin and dissolve the heartburn. 10 minutes later, the heartburn was completely gone!
This was an exciting discovery for me, to know that I can use something natural, in place of the antacids, if ever I am plagued with heartburn. I’m actually kind of excited to get pregnant again so I can experiment if the oils will help with the dreaded pregnancy heartburn of all heartburns, hahaha! And no, that is NOT a public announcement 😉
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