We have so many awesome members doing awesome things in the gym, and we thought we’d start shining some light on some of our members each month. This month we thought Learnna Sheean was deserving of the spotlight, especially after her killer effort in the CrossFit Open, and most especially after 17.5 when she got her FIRST full range of motion squat, after which she busted out five more rounds of thrusters and single skips.

Learnna has been training with us for a year now. She is very consistent with attendance, training around five times a week. When she first joined up, she was extremely quiet and timid, and struggled to do standard movements. Fast-forward a year, and she is counted as one of the STRONG girls, and continues to improve in everything she does. Best yet, is her change in her self-confidence. She has climbed out of her shell, and is doing things inside and outside the gym that she has never done before!

“I joined move strong gym to lose weight and get healthy, I have achieved a lot more then expected I’ve lost 14kl in one year deadlifting 90kl getting 50kl over my head and a lot of other things I couldn’t do before I started. I’m so glad I joined move strong gym because everyone is supportive and I’ve gained some great friends” – Learnna Sheean.