Get on your Super Hero gear people! Get about our Super Hero WOD day! Photo’s will be chucked up on our Facebook page so make sure to get on there and like a few of them. I’m excited about this…although, have you ever tried buying a costume for a tall person? Yeah, well that’s why tomorrow I might look a little ‘different’ to your average clean cut super hero haha.

My first session tomorrow is at 0700hrs and I’ll be in all day so pop in a get a photo with me at my seedy best 🙂


A. EMOM x 10mins:
– Hang power snatch from paused at mid thigh x 1rep
– Hang power snatch from paused just below knee x 1rep

B. E2M x 4rds:
– Wtd dip x 4-6reps @ 20X0 tempo

C. 5RFT:
– Row x 300m
– HR Pushups x 8
– Farmers x 10m – left
– Farmers x 10m – right

* For Farmers Carry, use a tough weight. Goal is to push the row, stay stable and tight throughout the whole pushup movement with no loss of midline stabilisation or leg/hip bending, then go for a tough load on the carry. A great goal is bodyweight or close to it per hand on the Farmers Carry. Don’t lose midline stability in this workout. That is the goal!

Tuesday’s results: