Well done on Saturday to Kristy Hutchinson for ticking off her 45 Thrusters at half bodyweight. For those who don’t know, doing 45 Thrusters at half bodyweight without dropping the bar is a challenge to test ones fitness at Move Strong. It is one of our Open Performance Standards. Kristy smashed it, doing them all in under 5mins! Wow!

Great job Kristy!


A. EMOM x 12rds:
Hang Power Snatch x 1-3reps

B. Every 3min x 4rds:
– Standing BTN Snatch Grip Press x 6-8reps @ 3010tempo
– CTB Chinup Negatives x AMRAP @ 51X1 tempo

C. AMRAP 12min @ 70% effort:
– KB Swings x 15
– HSPU x 6
– Row x 250m


Monday’s Results