Ali has been CrossFitting for over a year now and is one of our most consistent members. Ali is a regular at the 0500hr crack-o-dawn sessions and has been known to do anything to squeeze training into her hectic lifestyle. Ali is a busy chick, spending more time on the road than you and I combined but she will always find a way to get her training done. Among Ali’s PR achievements of late include a Deadlift PR of 127.5kg which was a long time coming and her recent transition into the Competition programming has seen her not only up her lifts across the board but drop significant amounts of body fat, tranforming her into a mean, lean lifting machine! The future is bright for this strong woman!

Ali, Amber and Bigdog are registered for the Festival of Strength Strongman Competiton held by CrossFit Resonate in Hobart on November 29th.

In honour of Ali’s work ethic and dedication to hard work, and lifting large loads very quickly, we’ve designed this nice ‘little’ WOD.

A. “ALI”
8rds of:
– Tire Flip x 15m
– Deadlift x 3 @ m.150kg,f.100kg
– 10m Shuttle Sprint x 30m
– Rest x 2min b/w rds

Record split times for each rd. The “Ali” WOD has 8 scores.

Thanks for being excellent Ali! You’re always so positive and one of the most friendly girls we know. Well done!