Ok guys, exciting news. This Friday night we’ll be doing something different! We’re going to cancel the 1630 and 1745 sessions 🙂

We’ll be holding the Saturday WOD on a Friday night AND on Saturday morning 🙂 Also, we’re going to run it like this…


WEEKEND WARRIORS is an ongoing competition series of workouts designed to find out how fit you really are. It’s our very own Move Strong Gym in-house competition series. Here’s some deets:
– There’ll be a cumulative leader board that will be put up on our website
– Different workout Friday night to other sessions
– Same workout Friday night (1700-1830) and Saturday morning (0730hrs)
– Workouts posted during the week…usually haha (knowing my track record!!!)
– Workouts will be varied, some heavy, some light, some long, some short, some crappy, some worse than that…
– There will be met cons, max effort lifts, limited time max effort lifts, mono structural conditioning stuff, MSG OPS criteria, strongman, powerlifting, olympic lifting, and anything else 🙂

The inaugural workout for the WEEKEND WARRIOR series will be:

Event #1
In 10mins, find max Press

Event #2
In 10mins, find max Deadlift

Event #3
– Run x 400m
– Russian KB Swings x 21
– Pullups x 12

Here’s today’s WOD 🙂

A. AMRAP 22mins:
– Assbike x 10cals
– Alternating KB Swings x 20alt (ie 10/hand)
– Butterfly Situps x 30
– Battlerope Slams x 40

Thur Results