First off, I only got to train the 0500,0615 and 0730 groups yesterday, so I only saw what they did. I’d like to give a special mention to a couple of people:

– Sabrina – for doing handstand kick ups as a substitution for HSPU’s. Sabrina hasn’t ever had the confidence to get up on wall by herself. She is fine with wall walks and HSPU’s off a box, but the kick up has been a mega goat for her. Well done on facing your fears Sabrina! It’s little things like that that inspire me and make me feel excited to be a coach 🙂 Great work!
– Lara – for completing the AMRAP as prescribed. She did an excellent job with her HSPU’s and was able to do really well in the WOD. Great job ninja!
– Leanne and Kristy H – did an amazing job with chin-ups! No bands or jumps needed for these girls. Way to go!


A. Every 4min x 4rds:
– Back Squat x 3-5reps @ 30X0 tempo @ better than 260614
– DB/KB 1arm Upright Row x 6-9reps/arm @3010 tempo @ heavier than 150714

B. For Time:
– Man-makers x 12
– Dips x 20
– Chinups x 30
– Box Jump w/ Step Downs x 40

* Cut off = 16mins

C. Assault Bike Max Effort Intervals x 4rds
– 30sec @ max effort
– 2-3min rest8


Tuesday’s Results: