Hi my name is Chris and I’ve been consistently training for 4years now. It hasn’t always been easy, I used to hate working out. All those excuses that you make, I made in the past. I’ve been ‘too busy’, ‘too tired’, ‘too poor’, ‘too inexperienced’, ‘too whatever’. But guess what? It’s all just a lie you tell yourself. It’s just that you don’t honestly care about improving yourself that much. Don’t kid yourself, you’re not fooling anyone. If you aren’t consistent with your training, you just don’t care. It’s really hard to keep doing something that you don’t care about. Think about that crappy job you used to hate and then quit. Think about that girlfriend/boyfriend that you finally broke up with because you both really didn’t love each other. Think about the countless pets that get taken to the shelters because owners can’t keep them don’t care about them enough.

If you aren’t in love with your health, body, mind and spirit that is fine. Eventually though you’ll wish you were. When you’re overweight, diabetic, depressed, fat, slow, sluggish, unfit, or whatever, you’ll wish you had taken care of yourself a bit better and that you actually cared about yourself.

Don’t kid yourself friend. If you’ve been lazy, or unmotivated, or you need a kick up the bum, then instead of quitting, or giving up and letting life defeat you. Refocus, re-energise, re-dedicate yourself to the task. Recruit a friend or a trainer to kick your butt for you if you need to…cough,cough…talk to me! 🙂

Most people quit because of a lack of motivation or time. However, tv viewing hours, Facebook hours, movie watching, drinking, smoking or poor work/life habits keep you from training, not because of motivation or lack of time.

For those of you who are lacking a bit of pizzaz, please before you allow these thoughts to fester in your should, come and talk to me. I can help you. Are you hurt, niggly, tired, unmotivated or whatever? Give me a call and we can work out a game plan for YOU. You’re worth it. You might need it. Do it for yourself, don’t keep it to yourself. I’m here for you 🙂

A. E5m x 4rds:
– Push Press x 3-5reps @ 20X2 tempo (@ heavier than 240914)
– Romanian Deadlift x 4-6reps @ 3010 (@ heavier than 200814)

B. 2rds. Record max weight lifted and time take to do the whole thing:
– Farmers Carry x 40m w/ left
– Farmers Carry x 40m w/ right
– Double Unders x 75
– Rest x 3min

See 240914 and try to carry a heavier load

C. 3RFT:
– Box Jump w/ Step Downs x 10
– HR Pushups x 15
– Walking Lunges x 10steps

(For a challenge, use kettle bells for walking lunges – m.16kg’s,f.8kg’s – keep it light to allow speed. This is meant to be a quick one, not a grinder!)

Wed Results