For Term 4, we’ve decided to extend our YOUTH Classes (ages 10-15yo) to two times a week, to help our youth really progress in their skills, strength and fitness. Coach BigDog and Coach Jase have been super impressed by the improvements our Move Strong Youth have made, and providing an additional class will really help them to move to the next level of awesomeness! Unfortunately, to make this possible, we have to put a hold on our younger KIDS Class for Term 4.


Move Strong Youth will be back in action first week of Term 4. We’re keen to have your youth back in the gym to learn some new skills, perfect old ones, work hard, and have FUN! New faces are always welcome, so kids, feel free to bring your friends ūüôā ¬†We’d love to offer all new YOUTH strong movers a FREE trial class to see if our Youth classes are the right fit for you.

Our Youth strength and conditioning classes revolve around moving the body – and having FUN! We teach them how to move correctly (in terms of squatting, running, pushups, hanging, handstands, etc), while always making the movements and mini-workouts fun (either through games or friendly competitions). We really believe in teaching¬†teens (and adults!) correct movements – and also learning to enjoy moving – as this will mean that they stay active as they get older, and will also reduce the risk of injury in sports and general living. We base our classes on CrossFit methodologies, which focus on constantly varied, functional movements. We’ll teach them functional movements (how to squat, push, press, pull) using their body weight – and, if they are strong enough and coordinated enough, using dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells (depending on their ability). We also use elements of gymnastics in the class, such as teaching them how to do handstand wall-walks, handing on rings, climbing ropes. It’s a lot of fun!

We’ll have two classes running every week for YOUTH Classes (ages 10-15yo).¬†Term 4¬†Move Strong Youth¬†classes will begin Tuesday 11¬†Oct, and will run for 11 weeks. Classes will be held at the following times:

Tuesdays, 1545
Thursdays, 1545

All sessions are 45min and total cost for Term 4¬†classes is $220 for¬†2 sessions a week, or $110 for 1 session a week. Please nominate which day your child will be attending, if they choose to attend¬†only 1 session a week.¬†Payment must be made before your child’s first class. (If your child takes us up on the FREE trial class offer and signs up after, you’ll only need to pay¬†for the remainder of the term).

You can sign your child up here.

Contact us to secure a spot for your kid today! Spaces are limited, so act fast.

Bookings are essential.

For more info about our Youth Classes, go here.